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Rides on the Giant Ferris Wheel

The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel turns at a maximum speed of 2.7 km/h, one complete turnaround lasts in theory jus over four minutes - that is if the Giant Ferris Wheel doesn't stop to let passangers on and off the waggons. In reality, if you consider these stops, a turnaround lasts between ten and twenty minutes, depending on how many times it stands still. During a ride on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, the passenger will enjoy a marvelous sight of Vienna and its surroundings including the Vienna Woods hills, the Danube valley and the wide plains of Hungary. The ticket price includes a visit to the panorama museum beneath the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel which shows the history of the Vienna Prater park from Roman times to the present, in eight reconstructed Giant Ferris Wheel waggons.
  • Ticket reservation for the Giant Ferris Wheel: If you want to book tickets for the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel in order to save time at the cash desk, you may use the ticket reservation form available at Giant Ferries Wheel: practical information 2010.
Besides the classic rides on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, it is also possible to rent a waggon of the Giant Ferris wheel for parties, weddings and other events. Additionally, the catering and event service on board the Vienna Giant Ferris wheel allows you to enjoy a splendid panoramic view of Vienna while having breakfast, lunch or dinner. For larger parties, we recommend you the Event management service of City Tours Vienna, and if you need a Vienna tour guide to explain the sights to you or a Fiaker carriage to take you to the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, please refer to the Tour operator City Tours Vienna. Any questions concerning the Vienna Giant Ferries Wheel are always welcome at !

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